The Youth Ministry of the Church is as old as the Church is. However, it became dormant until 1976 when it was reorganized with Bro. Joshua F. Cassel, Jr. serving as President. The youth have made a great number of contributions to the Church including erecting a bulletin board on the fence of the Church during the presidency of Bro. J. Alphanso D. Perkins in 1985 (started by the administration of Arthur F. Bucket II). During the tenure of Rev. Theo D. Allen as Pastor, the Church conceived the concept of a Youth Minister who would coordinate youth activities in collaboration with the Pastor’s Office. Licentiate George Gyude Wisner II became the First Youth Minister. The current is Rev. Meekie J. Glay-Weon and Bro. Charlton G. Wisner serves as incumbent Youth President.

From the 1960s through the middle of the 1970s the youth (male) were under the Men’s Department and both were known as Men’s & Boys’ Department. This was when William Henry Minor Sr., then a brother, served as President of the Men’s Ministry.