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20 Aug, 9:45 AM
Morning Service
“The Word of God”

Week by week, we read sermons to connect our parish with God’s Word

One significant activity as a goal, or specific activities within the church

The Effort Reunion is a grouping comprising all members of Effort Baptist Church who now live in the Diaspora, mainly in the United States of America.

While we emphasize membership in the church, we do not place our security in membership of the organization. We believe our security is in relationship with Christ.

Although we emphasize the importance of membership within our church, we firmly assert that our ultimate security is not derived solely from organizational affiliation but rather from our profound relationship with Christ.

At Effort Baptist Church, our unwavering mission is to spread the transformative message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To strengthen our connections, we annually host a diverse array of social activities designed to bring our church members together in joyous celebration.

The Pastorate is in charge of the spiritual affairs of the church while the Deacons are in charge of benevolence. However, each complements the work of the other for the good of the fellowship/church.

This ministry was concomitantly established in 1875 with the emergence of the Church. The Deacon Ministry has had had eight chairmen, the first being Dea. John Hunter while the incumbent is Dea. Joyce A. Moore Liberty (First Female Chairman who has served two terms