This ministry was concomitantly established in 1875 with the emergence of the Church. The Deacon Ministry has had had eight chairmen, the first being Dea. John Hunter while the incumbent is Dea. Joyce A. Moore Liberty (First Female Chairman who has served two terms.  Available records show that Dea. J.C.N. Howard, Sr. served the longest tenure (39 years 1954-1993).  The Deacons assist the Pastor in the administration of the church.

The principal program of this ministry is ‘Deacon Stephen Day’, celebrated in September yearly with appropriate program. The Deacon Ministry comprises both male and female members. Prior to 2008 the female members were referred to as ‘Deaconesses’ and they were mainly the wives of Deacons. The deaconess ministry was established in 1987 by act of the Church Conference. Rev. William L. Shaw II was then Pastor of Effort and its first chairman was Dea. Mary E. Howard. The Deacon Ministry has had eighty-nine (89) persons to serve as Deacons. Forty-nine (49) have passed while forty (40) are still alive. The longest serving deacon (for 50 yrs. 1970 – present) is Dea. James Daniel weaver, Sr. (Chairman of the Ministry 2012 – 2015). The oldest member of the Deacon Ministry is Dea. Peelah Ben (93 yrs. I 2020)