The formation of the choir existed with the establishment of the Church with the sole objective being to provide Christian music during worship services. It was formally organized by Dea. James E. Clarke who served as its first director. The positions of President and Director are the highest two in the administrative ranking of the choir. The choir has always strived to maintain prominence among competitors and has won many laurels in the LBMEC. In contemporary performance, fame of the choir began to accentuate in the late 1970s when she staged county concerts, mainly in Grand Bassa County and toured some of our local legendary high schools and serenaded the community during Christmas Seasons.

The church choir is divided in six choral groups, namely: (a) the Senior Choir (b) the Male Chorus (c) the Junior Choir (d) the Old Folks Choir (e) the Ensemble (f) the Children’s Choir. Souls have also been won through church musical concerts and Christmas Home-Home Serenading by the church choir which have conversely and hugely increased church membership.

Some of those who contributed to the greatness of the choir included: A. Wakai Gibson, Franklin A. George, Caroline A. Nelson (now C.A. Barnard), Lucia Barchue (now L.B. Wreh), Momolu S. Freeman, David S. Suah, Priscilla Gonneh, Josephine Gibson (now J.G. Tucker), Joshua F. Cassel Jr., H. Kwaku Addy, Eric Avery, Jostus Reeves, Jacqueline Y. Thorpe, Satta Grice, Caroline Mooney, Emile D.E. Sam-Peal, Henrique Langford, Jr., Theophilus D. Allen Sr., Lydia Washington, Mary Wade, Percival Mulbah, Wilson Lloyd, Fatu Konneh (now F.K. Carr), Wallace V. Maximore, Amanda R. Montgomery, Julian Lewis, Lady Cephus, Laurentine Harris (now L.H. Bass), John Allen, Boima Kroma, T. Martin Allen, Trokon N. Flahn, Jr., Louise Richardson (now L.R. Hubbard), Etta Merchant, Juliett Leigh Payne, Thelma F. Johnson (now T.F.J. Garga-Richardson), Maggie H. Gibson (now M.H.G. Glay), under the stylist directorship of Bro. A. Konkai Freeman and Magic-Hand Organist Walter W.W. Moore.