The Pastorate is either of two offices in the local Baptist Church. The other is the office of Deacons. The Pastorate is in charge of the spiritual affairs of the church while the Deacons are in charge of benevolence. However, each complements the work of the other for the good of the fellowship/church.

The Church has had sixteen (16) Pastors. The first was Rev. Moore T. Worrell and the incumbent is Rev. T. Wilfred Langford, Sr (18 years of service – 2002 thru 2020). The shortest termed Pastor was Rev. William L. Shaw II for only a year (1987) while the longest term was spent by Rev. Zechariah T. Walker (20 unbroken years). Up to present only four (4) of these pastors are alive (Dr. Bradley D. Brown, William L. Shaw II, Shadrach B. Cassell, Sr., T. Wilfred Langford, Sr.)

Seven Ministers of the Gospel had served the Church as Acting Pastors while two have served as Associate Pastor (Rev. Isaac M. Glayweon 2002-2020 – 18 unbroken years) and Rev. Monen Jacquelyn Duoe, First Female Associate Pastor. She was elected on Saturday, September 26 and subsequently inducted into office on Sunday, October 11, 2020