The Children’s Ministry centers on meeting the spiritual needs of children (such as training them up in the way they should grow – Prov. 22:6).

The Ministry was first organized at Effort in 1974 as the Sunbeams Class.  Dea. Angelique A. Jones served as First Coordinator. By 1980 the membership of the Church had overgrown the seating capacity of the edifice. Moreover, the inability of children to grasp the dictions of preachers and other speakers in the adult services became a compelling need to establish a children’s church in December 1980. Worship services started in March 1981 with Rev. Momolu S. Freeman (at the time a Licentiate) serving as First Pastor. A committee comprising Emmanuel S. Cooper, Trokon N. Flahn, Jr. and secretaries of all the Sunday school classes worked out the specifics for the official opening of the Ministry. Its first bereavement derived from the passing of little Tebell Dillon in 1986.

Those who have served as Coordinators / Pastors include:

  1. Dea Angelique A. Jones (b) Momolu S. Freeman (c) Rev. Joseph M. Vannie (d) Bro. Charles B. Wiah (e) Sis. Elizabeth Dogbe (f) Sis. Jarsa Reeves Peabody (g) Sis. Winifred Bunch Allen (h) Sis. Sadea Hoff Tarpeh (i) Clara A. Morris  (deceased) (j) Bro. Bill K. Jones
  • Ella D.L. Cole (now deacon) (l) Sis. Lucy S. Wisner (m) Sis. Patient Suah (incumbent)