Our Evangelism and Extension Ministry along with Effort Baptist Church USA and Beautiful Gate Ministries is concluding a two-day medical outreach in Foya, Lofa County today.

The team was in Kumassadu, a town near the Liberia-Guinea border this morning screening people for high blood pressure and other common diseases.

They are currently at the Royal Guesthouse in Foya, screening people for common diseases such as STDs, Typhoid fever, Peptic ulcers disease, malaria, high blood pressure, etc.

Dr. Isaac N. Kaffey and US nurse practitioner Amy Beyer are conducting the screen and prescription exercises while Mendy Wayland, Deacon Ann Cagle, and Terry Mayhan – all US medical practitioners – are running the on-field pharmacy distributing prescribed drugs to patients.

About a hundred people have so far lined up at the hotel compound for medical consultation. Women, children, and the elderly are among those being assessed and treated.

Yesterday, the team screened and distributed drugs to 250 people in Bambodu and Lorloe towns and nearby villages.

Today’s final phase of the medical outreach was preceded by an ordination service at the Love Baptist Church in Shelloe, on the outskirts of Foya City.

One pastor, two evangelists, and six Deacons were ordained to minister God’s word to the people of Foya at the Love Baptist Church.

Rev. John Nyonkor who heads the Effort Baptist Church Liberia evangelism team and his counterpart Rev. June Clifford of Effort Baptist Church USA joined Rev. Joseph Blama, pastor of the Love Baptist Church to officiate the ordination service.

Rev. Blama was impressed about the service, acknowledging that God has been faithful to the church.

The people of Foya District expressed their appreciation to the church and presented fruits and vegetables to convey their thanks.

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